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4. REI-TRUST provides data, information and statistic data to give information about the condition of capital market generally. Yet, because of the lag time in the data collection process and the posibility of technical difficulties, the data displayed could be temporary ones sent according to the last ones generated and it’s possible to happen by using the technical analysts who can be accounted for. This temporary data will be updated someday from the result of the last data collection process. The offers follow the regulation of OJK (Finance Service Othority in Indonesia) number 64.2017. No fee and requirements applied before the offers are qualified by rei-trust. If you get responded before the qualification, you will not be charged.

No offer to buy investation/stock accepted and no part of purchase price accepted before the offer statement fulfilling the conditions. Any offers can be withdrawn or revoked, without any obligation nor any commitment, anytime before the acceptance notification given after the qualification date. One’s interest indication doesn’t involve any obligation nor commitment. Our offer newsletter, which is a part of our offer statement, can be found at www.rei-trust.com